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How much does lead cost?

We realize that sales outsourcing and B2B lead generation is one of the most important processes in your company. Therefore, we focus on transparent terms of cooperation and the simplest possible form of contract, so that you always have control over your finances.

Operation costs


Once per campaign

What is included in the operating costs:

  • Audit lead generation activities
  • Selecting proper target group
  • Campaign creation process
  • Launch and first A/B tests
  • Updating new leads daily
  • Monthly reporting
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Cost per 1 lead


Each per qualified lead

What determines lead cost:

  • Qualification and interest level
  • Target group availability
  • Campaign localization
  • Unique campaign guidelines
  • Materials e.g. landing page
  • Integration, e.g. with the CRM
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Regardless of the type of campaign conducted and the costs of obtaining a lead, hotLead always provides:

Lead exchange

The possibility of replacing the obtained lead when it does not meet the established criteria

Access 24/7

List of obtained leads available in the cloud (Google documents) 24 hours a day


Conducting quality activities pays off not only for us, but also for you (lower costs)


We work with the best tools to ensure the smooth running of the campaign

The most important principles and provisions regarding cooperation:

  • A single lead is a person who in a documented manner (e-mail / system message, telephone call recording) expressed willingness, a positive response to the cooperation proposal received in the campaign.
  • Creating a contact list, building a database, defining a group of recipients belongs to hotLead. This database remains the property of hotLead and is not transferred to the customer.
  • Remuneration for the conducted campaign is paid in advance (before the campaign starts). In the case of delivering a smaller number of leads than assumed in the campaign assumptions, the amount is refunded in proportion to the number of undelivered leads.
  • The customer is obliged to efficiently cooperate with hotLead in order to conduct the campaign in a timely manner.


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