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Lead generation

Natalia Kaszubowska

Project Manager

Hi, let me walk you through your trial generation campaign ...

Let’s make 5 basic assumptions …


We start every trial campaign that continues for 2 months maximum


During the trial we run our activities based on one channel only: LinkedIn and Cold Mailing hybrid


The trial gives us the opportunity to try numerous communication options, and target groups

First results

After the tests, we are richer with the first conclusions. Based on them, we create long term lead generation strategy

Safe start

The trial is a safe start for all of us (no long-term contract, no shooting blindly with untested lead generation ideas)

# Step 1

Lead definition

We pre-define who the perfect hot lead is and what is its features. What is important, these definition is flexible and may be changed during the campaign. What exact information each provided hot lead includes:

Company name, First and last name, Position, Business e-mail address, Contact number, Content of the given answer

🗹 What hot lead IS:

Positive message from the decision maker who answers the question, e.g. about the date of a telephone conversation

A response in which the prospect asks for clarification of details or presentation of an offer (invitation to talk)

Passed on request by the Owner of the company to subordinate decision maker, to get more information about the offer

☒ What hot lead IS NOT:

Request to send a general presentation of the company (evasive answer)

A response from someone who does not qualify as a hot lead (incompatibility of the industry, location or other assumptions of the campaign)

# STEP 2

Easy 1-page contract

All of the paperwork is possible with only two components: 1-page contract and invoice paid upfront.

Why you need to pay 100% in advance for the campaign?


Before the campaign starts, we invest significant resources in: writing an individual communication scenario, development of a quality database, preparing the team as well as paying for the tools


The contract guarantees that we will give your money back for each hot lead slot not provided according to contract specifications (if for some reason, we will not be able to deliver them in the agreed number)


As one of the few companies, we guarantee the effect (delivered leads), not for our work alone (e.g. sending X messages)


We are an agency which, thanks to its effects and an honest, pro-customer approach, has only positive customer feedback

# STEP 3


We are preparing workshops, necessary to write
personalized e-mail communication scenario (cold mail template). What topics could you expect?

The offer to be presented in the campaign – its USP, unique features and elements that attract customers’ attention

Unique benefits – real features of the offer that will meet customers needs, and thus, encourage them to respond

Figures, case studies, customer feedback and success stories – as a support for the social proof of your choosing

Target group – both the obvious and the seemingly niche, where qualitative leads can also be found

Objections and frequently asked questions – dispeling an objection before it will take shape

Lead magnet – an element of a prize, a gift (e.g. free trial), which we will use to entice customers to respond

# STEP 4

Campaign scenario

Our goal is to create a unique scenario of communication that will encourage your customers to respond and get acquainted with the offer. This is the area that we place particular emphasis on quality – that’s what makes us different from other companies in the industry.

Our scenarios stands out because:


Uniqueness – we do not create generics messages and we do not duplicate patterns. More than once, leads paid attention to refinement and the level of distinction from what they have encountered so far

Personalization – we use many elements of personalization (dynamic fields, the so-called snippets), which greatly affects the positive reaction for the messages and the quality of generated leads

Flexible number of sequences – the scenario usually consists of 3 sequences: 1 welcome mail and 2 reminders (the so-called follow-ups)

Authenticity – we strive to keep the natural business tone to shorten the distance and ensure more human, friendly reception of messages

# STEP 5

Validated database

Our databases are based mostly on the LinkedIn profiles and other reliable sources of the selected group of recipients. Thanks to this, the campaign is directed to the business inboxes of selected decision makers, and not to general e-mail addresses such as office@ or contact@. A high quality datebase gives the possibility of better personalization and limit the number of messages sent.

What are the advantages of a right database?


Possibilities of contacting a small amount of people (bulls eye instead of sending emails to masses, which will mostly go to SPAM)

Personalization, thanks to in-depth knowledge of the target group, its needs and specific language of communication for a given industry

Much higher deliverability, open and response rates
in the campaign (OR at min. 50%, RR at min. 30%).

Note: The prepared database can be compared with the list of your present customers to avoid duplicates.

# Step 6


For the purposes of the campaign, we ask you to create a dedicated mailbox that will be used for communication with potential customers.


1. The e-mail box should be personal (preferably the employee who will deal with handling leads generated by us)

2. The box should be an alternative to the current employee box so that separate the responses from the campaign from the current responsibilities of the selected person. For For example, if the current mailbox is, we can create a version:

3. We provide detailed instructions on the box and what information they are needed for its correct configuration in our system.

4. We offer assistance in contacting your technical department for improving the work related to the creation of the box.


We do not send mass messages that could expose the mailbox to hitting blacklists and anti-spam filters

Campaign shipment is spread over the entire business day for simulation purposes manual shipping (no more than 300 messages per day = no more than 40 messages for 1 hour)


Don't worry. If for some reason your company policy does not allow your e-mail to be shared with us. As part of our cooperation, we can buy a similar domain for you, on which we will set up an e-mail box ourselves. Easy and simple.

# STEP 7

Campaign launch

Way to go! Not more than 3-4 working days have passed, and the first ones customers already receive information about your offer.

How is the campaign being implemented?

First hot lead

We inform you about the first generated leads, each day of the campaign, your Guardian, min. Checks 2-3 times for new, eligible leads and places them in the appropriate place (Google Sheet in the form of a scoreboard or selected CRM)


In weekly intervals, we optimize the campaign (during A / B tests we check the best news titles, scenarios and the target group)


We end the campaign after obtaining the assumed number of leads (usually the campaign contains a larger number of leads and an additional several / a dozen or so clues that did not qualify as leads, but are also a valuable lead, e.g. contact in 6 months.


We send you a report containing information on: the number of shipments, the size of the database used to generate the assumed number of leads, average open rates, average response rates and other data on request

What's next?

Enriched with conclusions and results from the test campaign we propose further cooperation.


Right now we know exactly how to generate and deliver to you predictable number of quality leads


Knowing customer reactions and specific responses, we are able to propose a lead generation strategy based on o over a dozen possible customer acquisition channels, such as: cold mailing, cold calling, landing page, campaigns PPC (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn), positioning (SEO), content marketing, launching incoming channels (helpline, chat bot), word of mouth marketing, etc. - In this way, we use the full potential of generating leads

MORE ...

We are able to propose taking over the next stages of the sales process, such as: additional verification of leads, offers, or sales activities concluded with the signing of a contract


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